We are pleased to introduce you to our featured Malawi Gem cutter, Wilson. Wilson looks forward to working with you on your custom cut gems and will consult with you to help achieve the most beautiful cut for your gemstone and jewelry.

Here’s what Wilson has to say about his journey in gemstone industry as a gem cutter:

“First and foremost, I want to thank God for the gift he gave me and everyone else who has been there for me in this journey of polishing gemstones. I am Wilson, a professional gem cutter, born on 2nd July, 1989. My journey in the industry of gem cutting goes way back where I worked in a dairy factory as general worker at Nice n Creamy Company. We were manufacturing milk products. At this company there was a Greek gentleman called Erick, he had a small office where there was a machine, and every day when I go about my job cleaning the office would see him on a machine and obviously this had nothing to do with milk products we were producing at the company. One day I got courage and asked my boss what exactly he was always doing on the machine – this was the day I first heard the word lapidary. I did not understand anything nor the meaning, all I wanted was to just one day sit on the machine like my boss. Good luck for me Eric responded favorably and started explaining what the machine does and other information about stones. I developed interest because I could see stones from rough to finish. I got passionate about this and I would imagine myself cutting beautiful stones even in my sleep, as time goes by, he asked me to be visiting him at his house during off days from work without knowing that he had another machines at his place. He trained me on faceting and helped me enroll at the college for Gemology and Faceting to advance my skill and I obtained a certificate.

GEMOLOGY AND LAPIDARY TRAINING AND WORK EXPRIENCE 2007 went to Gemstone Processing and Lapidary Training Center for gemology, cutting and polishing to acquire a certificate under Examination Council of Zambia in Copper belt for 3years.

2011 worked as a full time qualified cutter at Brilliant Gems of Africa in Lusaka for 2years

2015 worked as a full time qualified cutter at Passion Gemstone for 1 and half year

2017 – 2018 worked as an entrepreneur cutting and polishing stones

2019 – 2020 (Currently) working with Maleta Gems and Jewels as Gem Cutter, now happily joining on as a Virtu Gem cutter “