Peter Jere

Peter is the fifth born son in a family of 10, five boys and five girls. Married to Yvonne Jere and having four children, namely: Priyanka, Rajiv, Kuphelile & Shekinah, thus one girl and three boys.

Peter entered gemstone mining in 2016 inspired by a vision which was dropped in my spirit through a dream. That saw the genesis of a journey that has taken him into the industry for five years now, investing strategically in mineral exploration, lapidary machinery, and lapidary training to achieve competitive advantage. He has also invested his efforts significantly in serving as a Board Member of Nyasa Mining Cooperative Ltd, a joint mining business enterprise based in Malawi. He currently serves as the cooperative’s Business Development Director.

In his entire career in gemstone collection, mining and value addition, Peter has dedicated his energies to building networks with likeminded people some of whom are members of Nyasa Mining Cooperative Ltd. This he has done to exploit business opportunities collaboratively which is one of his passions. Apart from gemstone business, Peter also has investments in Business Consulting, Digital Currencies, University Education, Forestry, & Agricultural Commodity Off-taking.