Percy is the sixth born son of Limstone Maleta and Ellen Maleta (late), in a family of 10 boys and 2 girls, married to Ashley and have three children namely Faith, Jamiya and Percy Junior. Besides being a veteran gemstone hunter and dealer, I am a trained gemstone cutter from Lapidary Training Centre in Tanzania. Basically, I come from a family with no known entrepreneurship dynasty but academics, and professionals, despite the challenges, I will be the one to create a dynasty of businessmen and women for the generations to come.

I am the Chairperson of Nyasa Mining Cooperative Society Limited, Vice Secretary for Gemstone Association of Malawi in Central region, Coordinator of Malawi Women in Mining Association – Central Region. How did I get into the gemstones business? I found myself in gemstone business by accident, in the year 1997. A stranger walked up to me with stones to sell for him, I had no clue, I had never heard of any stones that could be sold. Surprisingly, this gentleman insisted and left the stones with me. I ended up having the stones for six months with nothing to do with them until I met one gentleman, the late Mr. Mchulu (MHSRIP), who upon seeing the gemstones was shell shocked and couldn’t believe I had kept them that long without selling them. Truly beautiful, from that day onwards he taught me everything there is to know about gemstones. Fast forward to 2020 the rest is history, because of gemstones have travelled over the years to United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Togo, United Arab Emirates.

What type of gemstones I deal in? Which are my favorite and why? I deal in almost all colored gemstones and my favorite is rhodolite garnet. Rhodolite garnet is my favorite gemstone because of its readily availability yet sought after by most gem dealers and collectors and as well as jewelers. What makes my products unique, how do I add value? I am a grass root gemstone trader, the local miners see me as one of them, am like a family member to majority of local miners especially artisanal and small scale miners, because of this relationship my gemstones are fairly priced, it’s actually a triple win situation, this is to say the miner, myself and my buyers smiles at the end of any deal.”