the National Gem Cut Designer Competition

Design jewelry with a National Gem Cut Gemstone and Enter the Competition


The National Gem Cut Jewelry Competition is a campaign created by Virtu Gem to support and promote the art of gem cutting and virtuous gemstone sourcing in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia.

When gemstones are cut in their country of origin they bring value home to their source communities. This competition is born from the Virtu Gem programs focused on elevating local gem cutting artists , improving minesite standards and verifying gemstones origins with blockchain.

We invite jewelry designers to participate in the challenge to help bring awareness to the value virtuous sourcing brings to the market for designers, consumers, cutters and miners.


Terms and Conditions:

1. The National Gem Cut competition will be a group of jewelry collections produced with Gemstones cut in the National Gem Cuts through Virtu Gem. The competition will run from November 15th 2021 to August 31st 2022.

2. If applicable, collections with a launch date after the end of the challenge could be included if proof of production is submitted.

4. All brands and participants are allowed and encouraged to submit more than one collection.

5. Brands will be asked for pictures of their creations to be used on Virtu Gem social media channels and communication material to be developed in regards to the campaign.


6. How to submit a collection: you must purchase a gem through Virtu Gem in order to participate in the competition. You can fill out the custom order form here or send an email to to begin your custom National Gem Cut collaboration. Please include: name of the brand, point of contact, name of collection and estimated launch date.  

Enter the Virtu Gem National Gemstone Competion #NationalGemCutCompetition

The inaugural challenge will feature the National Gem Cut’s from Zambia, Malawi and Kenya. Jewelry Designers are able to have custom nation gem cuts in a variety of gems available, or they can choose from gems that the gem cutters in Zambia, Malawi and Kenya have already cut.

The winner will receive the award in person at the 2023 Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference and receive National Press in the Jewelry Industry.

What to know:
Custom National Gem Cuts can only be cut in their source country in a gemstone that is traceable to that country, and the mine of origin is owned by a National, cut by a National. Virtu gem takes care of those details for you. Our team is available to advise on material available for cutting. If you choose to order your National Gem Cut, please be advised that the process may take as long as three months or as little as three weeks. Begin the custom order as soon as possible.
Contact Jessica Hudson at

Each National Cut and gem is sourced from its country of inspiration