Nyuma Kalua

Nyuma was introduced to the business by a friend Chuma Mkandawire, a gemstone cutter and gemstone trader. Upon visiting his home where he collects and keep different minerals,  she was fascinated to learn that they were natural and came from the earth, and her interest and passion was instant and she went home thinking how she can be just like him, knowing different gemstones but also be able to make or transform them into something unique for jewellery or just specimens and using them as flowers/home decor.. Since that day she has never looked back and now seven years! Along the way she has developed interest in rhodolite garnet and aquamarine besides other gemstones.  She was introduced to several groups of gemstones in Malawi where she has interacted and learnt a lot about the business of gemstones, she knows learning is everyday but she was even more excited when she was introduced to Virtu Gem which support ASMs especially women to make a better living out of their sweat especially this time of Covid-19. As a woman advocate herself, she would like to learn as much as she can from Virtu Gem so she can transfer the experiences to the local women that she deals and plans to deal with going forward

Education wise, she studied Business Studies/ Administration at The University of Malawi Polytechnic.

Currently, she holds the following positions:

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Young Eagles Investment;
  2. Head of Mining for African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) Malawi Sector
  3. International Trade Coordinator for National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Malawi (NASME)
  4. Director of Partnership and Networking for Nyasa Mining Cooperative (NMC)
  5. Director – Women in Mining Energy Extractive and Crafts in Malawi
  6. Member – Gemstone Association of Malawi (GAM)

She is a result oriented, hard working and team player.

Learning and continuously growing in knowledge and experiences mostly in gemstones that prepares her to interact with her fellow women and youth is her mission.