Nsama Kearns

Nsama Kearns is the Executive Director of Care for Nature Zambia as a Social Enterprise and a platform to market mining products produced by women and youth groups from various mining communities within Zambia. She is also an Environmental conservationist who does not only promote women and youth participation in sustainable mining but also raises awareness among miners on occupational health, safety and environment and developing Environmental Management and Exit Plans.

Ulubwe, Nsama’s initiative, is ichibemba name which refers to all sorts of precious and semi-precious stones. Every stone at Ulubwe is mined from Zambian soils, cut and polished and turned into finished products by Zambians. Every stone sold at Ulubwe contributes to capacity building of miners and communities living near mines. Ulubwe prides in putting only original stones out there, and all the customers are assured of nothing but authentic stones. Nsama encourages everyone to get Ulubwe and wear it with love because stones love to be loved and they love stones