National Gem Cut©

Virtu Gem is pleased to bring you The National Gem Cut©, a gemstone facet design developed by gem cutters to honor and represent their nation through the art of gemstone design and cutting. Virtu Gem held workshops in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia led and developed The participants are gem cutters from across each country with varying levels of expertise, from students in gem cutting to seasoned professionals.


About the Zambia National Gemstone Cut©

Zambia’s National Gemstone Cut© combines the fish eagle which represents the conquest of freedom and the nation’s hope for the future with the National treasure of Victoria falls. The gem shape is a broad wingspan while the facets portray the pattern and power of the falls.


About the Malawi National Gemstone Cut©

Malawi’s  National Gemstone Cut© is based on the spectacular Malawi cichlids, found in the great Lake Malawi. These beautiful colorful little fish come in as many vivid colors as Malawi gemstones. The cichlid’s silhouette is reflected in the gem shape and the color variations are symbolized in the precisely scattered checker board facets.


About the Kenya National Gemstone Cut©

The Kenya National Gemstone Cut©  is based on the Cheetah as a symbol of speed and beauty. The Kenyan gem design team collaboratively wanted to emphasize that Kenya was known for speed through its famous runners who dominate as olympic gold medal winners to the elegant cheetahs that run free in the savannah. The cheetah head is reflected in multiple facets across the gemstone design.