Mukosha & Tazilinda

We are happy to have Mukosha as our featured gem cutter in Zambia.

Mukosha believes in cutting a gem to bring out its unique beauty and to honor gemstones best characteristics. He brings extensive knowledge of transforming rough to cut gems to optimize beauty.

Mukosha is a GIA graduate. He consults on our inventory of rough gemstones to help our buyers make their best purchases. Mukosha will personally discuss with our buyers once they purchase their gems to help them achieve their dream gemstone cuts. And we love that his goals for a better ASM future are in line with those of Virtu Gem. The mission of Mukosha and Tazilinda’s foundation it to impact positively the lives of women and children through improved small scale mining practices, for sustainable development.

Here is what he has to say about himself:

Who is Mukosha Mulenga? Mukosha Mulenga is a Zambian entrepreneur born in the small town of Luanshya but raised in the capital city of Lusaka.

What is different about MM? At the tender age of 7, M.M. fell in love with the dazzle of coloured stones, particularly tourmalines which an aunt of his was mining in the Eastern Province of Zambia. From then on his passion for gemstones grew and he spent as much time as possible learning of the various gemstones Zambia had to offer. As his knowledge grew, he felt he needed to deepen it and enrolled with the GIA under whose auspices he has now obtained a Coloured Gemstones Diploma. M.M. has also set up a gemstone jewellery business, Eleora Gems, which aims to make gemstone jewellery reachable for the ordinary Zambian