“Linda, born on 17th October, 1979, is a Malawian mining businesswoman. She ventured into the mining industry due to the influence of her family members, being raised up in a family which had interest in gemstones such as amethyst, gold and jewelry. This made her to be actively involved in the same. Through her sister, Mary Lubemba, based in Zambia a veteran gemstone miner and dealer, Linda has travelled internationally attending trainings, showcasing gems and jewels at both international and local fairs in different countries such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia but mostly here in Malawi.

She sits on several positions in mining cooperatives and companies such as Nyasa Mining Cooperative, Gramiraj investments Limited. Furthermore, she’s an Executive member of Malawi Woman in Mining Association in Central region (MAWIMA).


Some of the challenges facing the sector are as follows:

  1. Most of the minerals produced are still exported without downstream processing, thereby reducing their potential value added. This weakness comes in due to lack of proper trainings and poor machinery within the local sector.

  2. Furthermore, products are exported as raw materials. This reflects the low level of industrialization of the mining sector. However, this would require attracting technology and skills from mature markets in order to improve the quality of mineral products.

  3. Low industrialization of the industry: although Malawi is the most endowed region in terms of mineral resources, the country remains under explored.

  4. Women face different economic challenges as a result of the lack of access to use and control over resourceful land and other productive resources, licenses.

  5. The inability to access finance contributes to women inability to invest in mining equipment and technology necessary for a successful business.

  6. Credible markets

Linda is hopeful the coming of Virtu Gem will help address most of the problems, we have the experience, we know what to do but we have lacked better markets, this will be history through Virtu Gem platform, the money gained will help us to reinvest in our mining business”