My wife Redate and I have two children Grace and Joy. My favorite gems are emerald, tourmaline and aquamarine. I just like them because of the beauty of their colors besides I like beautiful things. I am the President of the Federation of Small Scale Mining Associations in Zambia (FESSMAZ). I like being the President of FESSMAZ because leadership is the gift from God. It is not easy to lead people because of different opinions and understanding, you need wisdom from God in order to lead successfully. I love to lead FESSMAZ because I have the passion to change the sector and to make our sector better. Also to help the miners to improve their mines. Every country fights against poverty and I want to be part of the fight against poverty through my organization. I also love the fact that through different opinions from people in my association, I get to learn new ideas on how to improve and how other people view this body.

My other trade associations and positions are Abar Investment Limited, Chairperson of Eagle Joseph, Chairperson of Mansa Citrine, Shareholder of Mapelo Import and Export Company Limited, Pastor of the Grace of God is Sufficient Ministries International, Councilor of Azimac Exploration. My positions are President FESSMAZ and President of the Gemstone Trader Association of Zambia.

I have been in the gemstone sector for the past 33 years. I have exhibited in GJX Tucson, Purbro River Park Inn, 22 Second Street, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Beijing.