Joseph Mbewe

Mr. Mbewe happens to be one of the best gem cutters in Southern Africa and from his 30 years experience, Mr. Mbewe has never encountered any complaints concerning his working or failuire in meeting the desired duties as the clients may demand. He is always on time and prefer perfection in every job he does.

He also is best known for his rare yet  beautiful cuts  that are not common to most cutters like checker board and marquees. When he cuts a stone, it sparkles with unspeakable brilliance you can’t afford to ignore.

Mr. Joseph Mbewe has worked as a gem cutter for the past 30 years including in recognized institutions like Pan afro Gems in Copperbelt, Zambia, Lake valley Minerals in Malawi and many other companies in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

He has also trained a lot of reknown gem cutters in Zambia including his children.


  • Cut and polish semi-precious stones
  • Repair broken or chipped gemstones
  • Recommend stones to cut and polish


  1. Sell all types of rough gemstones
  2. Sell cut and polished semi precious stones
  3. Qualify gemstone using a refractometer
  4. Cut and polish semi-precious stones in clients desired shape and style

Customer Focused:

Mr. Mbewe believes to say customer satisfaction is his satisfaction, hence he has chosen to work based on his values which are; honest, integrity, love, and perfection.


Mr. Mbewe believes the best way to work with customer’s satisfaction is to start with love. He loves all his clients  and his  job too. He believes  to say that when love lead, people speak with one mind and one voice.


Customers need surety to say, if I take my stones to Mr. Mbewe to cut for me, I will receive the same stones I gave him. That can only be achieved if his working is guided by integrity. His working with integrity has won the hearts of many people not in Zambia alone but other countries like Malawi, Botswana and Zimbabwe just to mention a few.


Mr. Mbewe also  has  loves  honest business  and therefore  you are  assured of genuine business as well as perfect working without flows  with him. He will always advise the best thin to be done if he’s presented with job to do


Mr. Mbewe does not just cut stones to finish but he cuts to perfect it. He does not believe in quick job of no beauty because beauty is his ways of work

Goal Oriented/Target Driven:

Mr. Mbewe takes priorities and works in the given timeframe. He does not believe in just benefiting but also sets the happiness of customer first. He works in his target margins and driven to satisfy his clients


In as much as he always want to take exactly the needs  of his  clients, he also has high level of initiative to make sure the job is done on time and it is perfect


Mr. Mbewe is an independent gem cutter who do not belong to any company but manages his own business and is always available for any type of job presented to him.


  • Mr Mbewe is a social man, friendly and open. He is able to associate across all cutters.