John Vasco Chidule

Am John Vasco Chidule also known as Vasco Zozodo, a young and self-employed Geologist. I finished my tertiary education in 2021 in the month of June and am yet to graduate with a bachelor’s Degree in Geology (Earth Sciences) this coming December.

While in school I got much interested in mineral identification, mining and value addition of the minerals. This came to be my dream and it is still my dream since my first year at the university upon seeing how rich Malawi was in terms of minerals and how much minerals are mined every year with local methods of mining and sold out while unprocessed (without value addition).

The poor methods of mining by the local people have resulted into low production and poor quality of the mineral due to cracking of the minerals as they are being separated from the ore. Low production and poor quality of the mined material have affected the industry very much, since the minerals are sold at a cheaper price. This motivated me a lot to learn much about mineral identification, methods of mining and value addition so as to help the locals by educating them on proper methods of mining and value addition, so as to maximize production and quality to the value added products hence making more profits which will also make the country benefit.

In 2018, I worked with one of the leading miners in Mzimba. I learnt a lot about his mining method, which was local and I helped him out with new methods of mining other than stripped mining method. We were successful upon adopting the new methods and our mining tonnage increased. This motivated me a lot.

In the year 2020, I worked with another miner at his rose quartz mine located at Kafukule in Mzimba, of which with my help we became successful in maximizing production. This maximized our profit.

To achieve my dream of improving methods of mining among the local people and value addition, I have decided to work with one of the leading mine owner as my partner. Currently we mine rose quarts, aquamarine and clear quartz. But sometimes I buy from my fellow miners and sell to my buyers.

As a younger geologist, I still wish to have my own mines one day, where young people shall come to learn methods of mining. I also wish to have my own lapidary office where minerals shall be cut and polished.