Zambia is endowed with gemstones throughout the country though only two areas are gazetted as gemstone mining areas. These are the Lufwanyama Emerald mining area and the Mapatizya amethyst mining belt.

The following are gemstones mined in Zambia:
1.  Emeralds found in Lufwanyama  on the Copperbelt province
2.  Aquamarine in Lundazi, Chama, Nyimba in Eastern  Province, and Itezhitezhi and Mkushi in the central Province.
3.  Amethyst in Mapatizya in the Southern province, Mumbwa in the central Province, and Solwezi in the Northwestern province.
4.  All sheds of tourmalines in Lundazi,  Nyimba in Eastern Province, and Mkushi in the central province.
5.  Citrine in Solwezi in the Northwestern province and Mansa in the Luapula Province.
6.  Red garnets and Rhodolite garnets in Lundazi and Chama in the Eastern province.
7.  Clear quartz in  Mapatizya in Southern province, Mkushi  and Mumbwa in the central province, and Solwezi in the Northwestern province
8. Sugilite in Mansa in Luapula Province.

Though the country is rich in gemstones the sector has not been able to contribute significantly to the growth of the Zambian economy because most of its operations are in the category of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining and require capital investment to increase production. There is also a need to invest in marketing and value addition of the gemstones from Zambia.