Alan Lincon Maina

Alan Lincon Maina

My Name is Alan Lincon Maina. I was born on the 31st of January 1998 in Nyeri town in Nyeri County. My parent was Jacinta Njeri, she was a single mother and currently deceased. She died at the age of 51 in January 2017 from liver cancer and left me at the age of 19yrs.

My early childhood was a typical middle-class environment. My mother worked as a civil servant. When she died I was pursuing Automotive Engineering. My business culture in campus met me hawking silver jewelry. My love and passion for jewelry kept growing. It was now to a point where I felt it was time to take part in the jewelry-making industry.

At the end 2018, I met my partner Donald Baraka with whom we hatched a plan to value add gemstones to jewelry directly from the source. We endeavored to be reliable and consistent in the industry we had established.

I picked interest in gemstones has I was trading in silver jewelry. I immediately took an initiative and enrolled into school in which I studied lapidary (cutting and polishing of gemstones) and later Jewelry Design. I have since engaged in the mining of Ruby at Mundarara in Northern Tanzania and Aquamarine in Eastern Kenya.

My favorite gemstone is Aquamarine because I highly appreciate the ocean water view. It’s also easier to find around the globe and it’s cost-friendly.

I beleive Virtu Gem will be of great help in helping improve the lives of miners and creating employment because of the reliable market that will be as a result of the virtual market.